About the Exhibition


Furman University and those attached to it have left behind evidence of life on its many campuses, beginning in Edgefield in 1826 and continuing to the present. From the unusual—books containing doodles by James Clement Furman, first president of the university—to the everyday—socks worn by football players—the exhibition features Furman memorabilia of every variety. These images and artifacts provide glimpses into past campus life and show the evolution of Furman University across time and space.

Materials from the early years of Furman University are on display, along with items from the Greenville Woman’s College, which merged with Furman University in 1938. More recent Furman traditions and school spirit are highlighted as well. A section of the exhibition is dedicated entirely to the history of the bell tower, old and new, and its career as a symbol of Furman. Meanwhile, ephemera promoting Furman University provide an idea of the way the university was viewed outside of the “Furman bubble.” Sports memorabilia, including a full 1920s football uniform, round out the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from January 28 through May 6, 2013 in Special Collections and Archives.  It is named after one of Furman University’s beloved traditions, a cheer popularized at sporting events by John E. Johns, president of Furman University from 1976-1994:

F.U. one time…
F.U. two times…
F.U. three times…

In this video, Furman’s current president, Rod Smolla, leads the F.U. All the Time cheer at a Furman football game in 2011.


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